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Kickass Proxy Disclaimer: We never support downloading copyright-protected contents, the article is for information purpose only and does not promote any illegal activities.

Kickass Torrents ( 2008 to July 2016 ), It was launched in 2008 and by November 2014 it became the most visited and the best torrent website in the world with a worth of $1 billion of pilfered content. Kickass Torrents was commonly abbreviated KAT. The website used to provide a list of torrent files and magnet links using the peer to peer file sharing technology.with Bit torrent protocol

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On 20th July 2016, the domain was seized by the government of the United States and the government managed to identify the owner Artem Vaulin, a 30-year-old Ukrainian man who was famous on the internet with the name of ” Tirm “. Artem Vaulin was detained in Poland. After the original Kickass torrents shut down, a lot of unofficial mirrors came into existence, taking that as an opportunity but some of them have also been taken down. Although some kickass proxy sites are still available online which are mentioned below

List of 10 best Kickass proxy / KAT proxy sites in 2020

You will find tons of websites which claim to be the official revived Kickass torrent sites or Kickass proxy sites which even compromises with your data privacy and are not considered safe to be on. So we did all the research and came up with the 10 best 100% working KAT proxy sites

Note – It is not illegal to download any content from Torrents but it is illegal if you download or distribute any copywrited material.

Disclaimer – By sharing this list we do not anyhow promote piracy or any illegal activities and we advice the readers to use these ethically.

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KAT Proxy 2 Online
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Proxy 10 Online

Top Kickass Torrents Alternatives

Because of the popularity which Kickass torrents gained you might not be aware of some alternatives which are way older than KAT. Yes, you read it right, one of which is The Pirate Bay which was launched on 15th September 2003 and it is still up Online. The pirate bay is not the only one, there are many more good alternatives available in 2020 and you can go through this list of top Kickass Alternatives.

What happened to Kickass torrents and Trim?

Kickass was officially launched in November 2008 with the domain name of, after facing multiple domain seizures from the United States Department of Justice, the website migrated to the Philippines domain which was in April 2011. The Operators of the website used to migrate to different domains in almost every 6 months. some examples are,,, etc. From 2013 to 2014 multiple countries, from the United Kingdom to Malaysia and some other countries blocked the website and the operators keep on changing the domains Artem Vaulin is still in prison but in December 2016 other staff members of KAT tried to revive the website and launched a new website with similar appearance and with a new domain

We have Used a few terms like Magnet links, Peer to peer sharing and Bit torrent so these terms are briefly explained below.

What are Magnet links

A magnet link is a hyperlink which contains the hash code of the torrent, which the torrent client can immediately utilise to start looking for people who are sharing those files. Magnet links do not require any tracker & it does not require you to download a separate file before you start the download, which makes the process convenient. In simple words, it takes fewer clicks to download your file and makes the process convenient

When magnet links came into existence, not all torrent clients supported them, but now as it is popular so almost every torrent client supports magnet links. This is what exactly magnet links are to a user. Apart from the convenience to a user, it is beneficial for torrent sites as it helps them stay away from legal troubles as the websites like pirate bay don’t actually host the copyrighted content. If you want to go into technicalities then you can go through the wiki link here

What is peer to peer file sharing

P2P is a file-sharing technology which allows users to access the files like videos, music, games etc. The user in this network is denoted as a peer. The peers which mean the individual users request for the files from other peers ( other users ) by creating a TCP ( Transmission Control Protocol ) or UDP ( User Datagram Protocol ) connections. A peer-to-peer network allows the computer hardware and the software to communicate and it do not require any server for the same. The peers ( Users ) can directly interact with one another and there is no such requirement of a central server for the same.

What is Bit Torrent

In very easy and simple words BitTorrent is a method of moving files around the Internet. let’s take an example, I want to download a 500 MB movie. It will take a lot more time to download it from a single source, but here comes the BitTorrent, what it does is it seeks out multiple people who have that same movie file and download it in chunks from several sources at once. Which makes the downloading process much quicker.


Torrent sites which comply with the DMCA ( The Digital Millennium Copyright Act ) are operating without any trouble. If any Torrent website includes any Illegal or Copyrighted content then the content owner can take that down with a very simple process. So unless it is promoting the copyrighted or any illegal content without the consent of the content owner it is completely legal to operate and same for the users.

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